Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Just a little bit of citrus inspiration for you all. Happy Thursday!

Mirror, Mirror

Unless you've been living under a rock, you will have noticed a huge trend rising up out of every fashion house in the world. This trend is the mirrored print.

As a lover of symmetry, I am a huge fan of these prints and am instantly drawn to them whenever I enter a store.

Below are some of my picks in a nice range of prices. Of course I could have gone into blazers and blouses and t-shirts etc, but I thought I would keep it short and sweet.

The Dresses

Alexander McQueen print dress / Roberto Cavalli , $1,345 / Clover Canyon print dress, $340 / Forever New pattern dress, $125

The Skirts

Erdem floral skirt / Mary Katrantzou / H&M , $24 / Peter Pilotto knee length skirt

The Trousers

ChloƩ silk pants / Roberto Cavalli silk pants, $1,100 / Clover Canyon patterned pants, $310 / River Island cotton pants, $24

Monday, 28 January 2013

Emerald City

For those who always keep one eye firmly on current or upcoming trends, you will know that every year a colour is chosen as the Pantone Colour of the Year.

This is a tradition upheld since 2000, when the first colour was chosen as Cerulean Blue. The past five years saw Blue Iris (2008), Mimosa (2009), Turquoise (2010), Honeysuckle (2011) and Tangerine Tango (2012).

I am completely, unashamedly excited that this year's is Emerald Green. This is a colour that I feel I can safely say looks incredible on absolutely anyone, and that makes me wish I was a redhead for that extra dramatic contrast.
Emerald Green is a colour which is sophisticated, bold, lively and fresh all at once. From satin ballgowns, to wool capelets, and from jewellery to footwear, it knows no bounds.

Below are five different looks that I have put together, which I feel perfectly capture the essence of what is a fantastic choice from Pantone as their colour of the year.
I wonder if it's coincidental that Emerald was chosen the year that a new Wizard of Oz movie is being released...

1. The Hipster
Emerald City Set 1

Metal Point Lapel Green Chiffon Blouse / Elizabeth and James Leather Legging / Chic Leopard Lace-Up Creepers / Bower Sunglasses

The perfect outfit for pretty much anywhere casual. For some reason I love green and leopard print and I also love any bold colour with leather, so this outfit really should just get in my wardrobe.
2. The Business Meeting
Emerald 2 - Blog
J-Crew Cafe Animal Jacquard Capri Pants / Burberry Brit White Cotton Shirt /
Diane Von Furstenberg Royal Blue Suede Pumps / Mini Pompa Necklace in Coral
Another thing I absolutely love is coral with green, green with royal blue and coral with royal blue. These statement pants are just the right amount of corporate and cool. The blue pumps and coral necklace bring out your quirky side, while the crisp, white shirt lets people know you still mean business.
Coral or tangerine are also the perfect alternatives to wearing red in order to avoid looking like a Christmas decoration.

3. The Red Carpet (In My Dreams)

Emerald 3 - Blog

I'm sorry, I couldn't hear what you were saying. I was too busy dying over this dress.Zac Posen is nothing short of a genius and this dress is superb.
Due to the fact that this dress is a statement in itself, I have paired it with quite toned down accessories. I'm a firm believer in wearing gold with green, and this collar and clutch are the perfect additions for staying in the background without being boring. The nude shoes are the perfect finishing touch.
4. The Casual Sunday
Emerald 4 - Blog
 HTC Paula Forest Green Wool Felt Hat / AR SRPLS Striped Pocket Tee / Acne Yellow Overdyed Slim Leg Flex Jeans / Illesteva Leonard Sunglasses / Faustine Spiked Loafer

This wool felt hat is the perfect versatile way to inject a little bit of Emerald into a range of different outfits, and this akubra style is big at the moment. The striped t-shirt and coloured jeans combo is another favourite of mine, and the yellow with the Emerald is mouth-watering. The tortoiseshell glasses and the black loafers are perfect ways to top off this casual day-to-day look.

5. The Winter Warmer

Emerald 5 - Blog
Woolen Caped Style Coat / MANGO Relaxed-Fit Round Jumper / Alice + Olivia Super Flared Wide Leg Pant / Cole Haan, Jen & Oli Chelsea Collection - Ankle Boot / Illesteva Leonard Sunglasses

So, basically everything I said in about The Business Meeting about red and green? Yeah, ignore it for this one. I don't know if it's because here in Australia, Christmas is in summer, but red and green together in winter doesn't feel 'Christmassy' for me.

This outfit is sort of English countryside meets Blair Waldorf and I love it. Green + red + navy = sublime, and these tasseled booties are just too cute.

Courtney - The Peony Muse

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Insta Life

As I spent this lazy Sunday finding fash-spiration on Pinterest, I thought I would post my last few Instagram photos. I have started a new account especially for the blog to keep it separate from my personal one. Both links are on my Social Media page.


1/ Matching iPhone covers that my mother and I bought yesterday. We're so sickening like that.
2/ Starting a fresh, new diary for positive things and thoughts, and planning and ideas for posts.
3/ Outfit of the day. Sportsgirl neon jumper and black jeans, Topshop boots, Michael Kors watch, skull bangle from eBay, Diva choker and mixed metal Russian wedding ring (not worn as a wedding ring, mind you).
4/ Details

eBay Fun for Everyone

I hope everyone is having a fun-filled weekend doing many fun-filled things, and a massive "Happy Straya Day!" to all my fellow Australians. (For my overseas friends out there, we say "Straya" instead of "Australia" to poke fun at ourselves and our own accent. We love a bit of self-deprecation in our humour).

Anyway, just a quick post for a bit of shameless attempted money-making.
I'm currently selling some things on eBay from my wardrobe. These are quality items that simply need a little bit of love.
The link to my items is below for anyone who is interested. I will be listing some more over the next two days so keep an eye out!
Unfortunately, purchases are currently only available within Australia. If any of you overseas were really obsessed with something, I could make an exception but international shipping charges would need to be covered by the customer.

Click here to see my items.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Heart of Gold

Heart of Gold

Denim shirt / V neck shirt / Junk Food Clothing peace shirt, $35 / Short shorts, $16 / Charlotte Olympia pointy-toe pumps, $945 / Converse shoes, $63 / Steven by Steve Madden / Chanel black quilted bag / J.Crew beaded jewelry / Post earrings / H&M , $6.33 / Karen Walker Eyewear cat eye sunglasses / River Island red beanie hat, $16


Happy Friday for my friends who are already there! My condolences to those who are still experiencing Thursday.

I also apologise to anyone who may have stumbled across my blog at this early stage. I'm probably just going to post a mish-mash of things until I get the hang of it and work out a regular routine. For now, everything that I said I would post in my original post still stands.

Given that I bought my current camera when George W. Bush was still president of the United States, my outfit posts may be non-existent for a while. I do intend to start posting some when I buy a brand-spanking-new camera for my upcoming overseas trip, so expect the outfit posts to follow after that.

For now, we will need to make do with lame mirror selfies.

A main part of this blog though, will be inspiration posts. I feel constantly inspired by things or looks I see on people, and half of my daydreaming consists of dreaming up outfits that I'm either planning on putting together or outfits I can only dream of putting together because of limited finances.

Here is where my semi-dead Polyvore account will come in, which I will use as a kind of inspiration board. This brings me to my next post which I am currently drafting.

I also promise to not do many of these posts explaining myself and my thoughts unless I feel it necessary. I do like an inner-monologue documentation though.

Courtney - The Peony Muse

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Market Sunday

Numero Uno

Ok so I guess this is my first 'official' blog post.

I thought I would start off by posting a few of my most recent Instagram pictures just to kick this party off!

1/ Bit of a fruity snack on a Friday night. Just how I roll. (blueberriers, passionfruit and red plums)
2/ My cat Daisy just being silly. I should probably mention now before this relationship goes any further; I am a self-confessed crazy cat lady.
3/ Standard mirror selfie on the weekend. Wearing thrifted shirt and belt and Sportsgirl jeans (no longer available).
4/ Countdown to an epic Europe trip in June/July. Expect many countdown updates and hopefully blog posts while I'm there when I have computer access. (As of today it is now 128 days)
5/ Thrifted jeans for a DIY denim short job. The result of my frustrations at being nearly 6ft tall and most shorts not leaving much to the imagination.
6/ Off to the movies last night. Wearing a pair of said DIY shorts, thrifted shirt and Asos t-shirt.
7/ Dinner before the movies at Grill'd. Healthy burgers are the best compromise.
If you would like to follow me on instagram, you can find me here
I also have Pinterest if that tickles your fancy. You can find me here
Also a seldom-used Polyvore here
Eventually I may change these to match the name of my blog, but I'm undecided as yet so I will keep you posted.
Catch you on the flip side!
Courtney - The Peony Muse


True to my nature of always seeming to have 30,000 things on the go at once, I have started this new blog.

"Hooray" I hear you say. Actually I really don't.

This blog will be a general fashion/style/travel/food blog where I will post things that inspire me, which come under any of the aforementioned topics.

As well as posting about current trends in the high fashion world, I will also touch on trends in the mainstream fashion world.

One of my main aims is to provide a fashion blog showcasing fashion at a more affordable level than most other fashion blogs. We don't all have money to buy those amazing Alexander Wang shoes, afterall. This will incorporate outfit posts by me.

The title of this blog was created to reflect my very eclectic style and taste in fashion.

I hope you will follow me along my journey.

The Peony Muse
x x x