Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Howdy Partner

Right now, there is one trend I am obsessing over. Well, there's a few, but for the sake of the argument lets just say there's only one.

The Western shirt. And by that, I don't mean your typical flannelette shirt that doubles as pyjamas.
I'm talking about perfect tailored shirts with floral embroidery and detailing. Kind of like a cowboy at a special event. The kind that he might actually shave and polish his boots for.

It's one of those weird trends where you know it's a trend because you see them everywhere, but you never seem to see people actually wearing them on the street. This actually makes me more excited because no one seems to have picked up on it yet, so there's still that feeling of being a 'trend-setter'.

I think we can safely say that the Western shirt trend was firmly started (this time around. Let us not forget the 70s) by Isabel Marant in her last couple of collections. While these shirts are absolutely superb, it saddens me to say that my budget does not allow for such purchases. Me along with millions of other ordinary fashion lovers.
Look no further, fellow boot-scooters! I have lassoed up my favourite Western shirts from Ye Olde Faithful website ASOS.
I personally have had the first one on the list in my saved items for months waiting for it to go on sale (I'm in Europe-saving mode). Think this post may have inspired me to just follow my achy breaky heart right on down to the checkout...
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