Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Paris Fashion Week A/W 2013: Valentino

I have a statement to make.
Paris Fashion Week really disappointed me. After what we saw in New York, London and Milan, I eagerly rubbed my hands together in anticipation while thinking "Oh boy, oh boy".
And then one by one, the photos were posted of shows and I continued to be disheartened***.
That was, until I laid my beady eyes on the Valentino collection. Praise the Lord. Valentino has arrived.
Beginning with fairytale sweet dresses, moving on to Red Riding Hood inspired pieces and then continuing through to Little House on the Prairie's more fashionable cousin, this collection was pure Valentino perfection.
My word, can Valentino design a gown. Whenever I even think the name, I automatically imagine timeless gowns being worn down the red carpet.
And finally some use of lace! I knew we would see it somewhere in one of the fashion weeks, but started to fear that we wouldn't see any.
Big thumbs-up from me and a "thank you" to Valentino for restoring my faith in PFW. One of each in my wardrobe, please!
***Definitely not to say that others didn't like them, or that the collections weren't highly praised. Or that the designers didn't do an incredible job. I just personally didn't connect with/wasn't excited by any of them.

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