Friday, 17 May 2013

Appetite for Destruction

Guns n' Roses t-shirt / Cheap Monday jeans / Payless boots / ASOS and Lovisa rings / Bracelets from market stall

I may have mentioned before that when I was younger I considered myself a little bit of a punk rocker. Of course, I was way too clean and innocent to be anything close, but I liked to pretend.
Before the saying "if you didn't Instagram it, it didn't happen" there was "if you didn't visit the merch stand and buy a band t-shirt at the show, you didn't really go". Well, at least that was my own personal motto.

These days, I generally stay away from mosh pits, but there is always room in my heart for at least one band t-shirt. That one band t-shirt is my trusty Guns n' Roses tee that I've had for a couple of years now and will probably have until it is holey and moth eaten with a bleach stain or two.

I paired my t-shirt with this bowler hat I bought a few years back and always forget about. I went through a massive hat/beanie phase and wore them non-stop, only to find myself now not wearing nearly enough hats. I aim to change that soon, as this hat is way too cute to put to waste.

We also caught some beautiful autumn afternoon light while shooting these photos, which was a welcome warmth after a string of bitter cold days. It was also pretty hard to keep my eyes open without sunglasses, so pardon my seemingly closed eyes.

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