Wednesday, 1 May 2013




Sportsgirl Jacket / Sportsgirl Tank / Cheap Monday Jeans / Converse Shoes / Michael Kors Watch / The Gypsies Trunk Ring

You may have already noticed, but I'll tell you anyway; I'm a little bit obsessed with Sportsgirl. I think if I looked in my wardrobe right now, 70% of my clothes and jewellery would be from there.
For those of you who are not from Australia, Sportsgirl is a Topshop or Forever 21 equivalent. It's a womenswear store that is always right on trend with clothing and accessories and keeps the prices affordable. In my experience though, the quality is a lot better than Topshop. I can't speak for Forever 21 as I haven't actually had any experience with them.
Just to show how fast trends are being recycled now, I actually purchased this army jacket about three years ago on sale for next to nothing. Cut to the present and the army trend is spreading faster than the plague. Cut to my face smiling with glee because I've been wearing this jacket the whole time.
In the last week I have purchased my first pair of Converse Chucks since I was 15, wearing mens knee-length shorts with studded belts, and dreaming of having seven of Joel Madden's babies. Instead of my old black hi-tops I opted for the low-rise white variety. The purpose of these being that I needed a fashionable but comfortable shoe for walking around in while we're in Europe. Nothing worse than spending a whole day sightseeing and ruining your poor feet. I'm currently wearing them as much as possible to break them in a bit.
I also bought the bison skull ring that I'm wearing from an Etsy store called The Gypsies Trunk. The owner (Katie) sells a heap of vintage and handmade jewellery with a bohemian vibe, just the way I like it. Definitely drop by if it's your kinda thing!
Happy Thursday, beautiful people!

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