Saturday, 26 January 2013

eBay Fun for Everyone

I hope everyone is having a fun-filled weekend doing many fun-filled things, and a massive "Happy Straya Day!" to all my fellow Australians. (For my overseas friends out there, we say "Straya" instead of "Australia" to poke fun at ourselves and our own accent. We love a bit of self-deprecation in our humour).

Anyway, just a quick post for a bit of shameless attempted money-making.
I'm currently selling some things on eBay from my wardrobe. These are quality items that simply need a little bit of love.
The link to my items is below for anyone who is interested. I will be listing some more over the next two days so keep an eye out!
Unfortunately, purchases are currently only available within Australia. If any of you overseas were really obsessed with something, I could make an exception but international shipping charges would need to be covered by the customer.

Click here to see my items.

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