Tuesday, 22 January 2013


True to my nature of always seeming to have 30,000 things on the go at once, I have started this new blog.

"Hooray" I hear you say. Actually I really don't.

This blog will be a general fashion/style/travel/food blog where I will post things that inspire me, which come under any of the aforementioned topics.

As well as posting about current trends in the high fashion world, I will also touch on trends in the mainstream fashion world.

One of my main aims is to provide a fashion blog showcasing fashion at a more affordable level than most other fashion blogs. We don't all have money to buy those amazing Alexander Wang shoes, afterall. This will incorporate outfit posts by me.

The title of this blog was created to reflect my very eclectic style and taste in fashion.

I hope you will follow me along my journey.

The Peony Muse
x x x

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