Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Numero Uno

Ok so I guess this is my first 'official' blog post.

I thought I would start off by posting a few of my most recent Instagram pictures just to kick this party off!

1/ Bit of a fruity snack on a Friday night. Just how I roll. (blueberriers, passionfruit and red plums)
2/ My cat Daisy just being silly. I should probably mention now before this relationship goes any further; I am a self-confessed crazy cat lady.
3/ Standard mirror selfie on the weekend. Wearing thrifted shirt and belt and Sportsgirl jeans (no longer available).
4/ Countdown to an epic Europe trip in June/July. Expect many countdown updates and hopefully blog posts while I'm there when I have computer access. (As of today it is now 128 days)
5/ Thrifted jeans for a DIY denim short job. The result of my frustrations at being nearly 6ft tall and most shorts not leaving much to the imagination.
6/ Off to the movies last night. Wearing a pair of said DIY shorts, thrifted shirt and Asos t-shirt.
7/ Dinner before the movies at Grill'd. Healthy burgers are the best compromise.
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Catch you on the flip side!
Courtney - The Peony Muse

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