Thursday, 24 January 2013


Happy Friday for my friends who are already there! My condolences to those who are still experiencing Thursday.

I also apologise to anyone who may have stumbled across my blog at this early stage. I'm probably just going to post a mish-mash of things until I get the hang of it and work out a regular routine. For now, everything that I said I would post in my original post still stands.

Given that I bought my current camera when George W. Bush was still president of the United States, my outfit posts may be non-existent for a while. I do intend to start posting some when I buy a brand-spanking-new camera for my upcoming overseas trip, so expect the outfit posts to follow after that.

For now, we will need to make do with lame mirror selfies.

A main part of this blog though, will be inspiration posts. I feel constantly inspired by things or looks I see on people, and half of my daydreaming consists of dreaming up outfits that I'm either planning on putting together or outfits I can only dream of putting together because of limited finances.

Here is where my semi-dead Polyvore account will come in, which I will use as a kind of inspiration board. This brings me to my next post which I am currently drafting.

I also promise to not do many of these posts explaining myself and my thoughts unless I feel it necessary. I do like an inner-monologue documentation though.

Courtney - The Peony Muse

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