Friday, 1 February 2013

#flashbackfriday - 1994

It's 1994.

Apple Computer, Inc. has released the first Macintosh computers to use the new PowerPC Microprocessors the same year that the first conference occurred in San Francisco to discuss the subject of commercial potential of the World Wide Web.

The 66th Academy Awards saw the movie Schindler's List win a total of seven Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director.

On the same day that Nelson Mandela is inaugurated as the first black President of South Africa, the serial killer John Wayne Gacy is executed in Illinois.

The death of Kurt Cobain has just occured, so in tribute, you wake up and put on your favourite pair of worn-in Levi jeans and white t-shirt. Throw a worn red flannelette shirt on for good measure.
The  90s were a time when the 'Supermodel' reigned supreme. Kate Moss had just burst onto the scene, challenging everyone's idea of what a model should be with her flat chest, 'small' stature and 'heroin-chic' bone structure. She had not yet been subjected to the body odour of Pete Doherty, and Naomi Campbell had not yet become infamous for her phone-throwing temper tantrum of 2001. John Galliano and Gianni Versace were the men of the hour, with their haute couture runway shows capturing everyone's attention time after time, fashion week after fashion week.
This brings me to my point. Below are just a few of 1994's best fashion photography images:
(Warning: May not be safe for work. Kate Moss spent most of the 90s topless. And Elle Macpherson got naked a lot)

Christy Turlington by Harry Benson, 1994

ty Turlington and Linda Evangelista by Ellen von Unwerth, 1994
Cindy Crawford, 1994

Naomi Campbell in Vogue Italia by Jerry Schatzberg, 1994

Christy Turlington for Versace, 1994
Kate Moss, 1994
Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista and Carla Bruni in Vogue by Steven Meisel, 1994
Linda Evangelista by Steven Meisel, 1994
Kate Moss for Pirelli, 1994
Claudia by Karl Lagerfeld, 1994 (Classiest pasties in the world)
Milla Jovovich by Chris Floyd, 1994
 Christy Turlington at Jean Paul Gaultier 1994
Elle Macpherson by Herb Ritts in Playboy 1994
Kate Moss, 1994
 The Supermodels for PETA, 1994

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