Saturday, 2 February 2013

Insta Life

And so, another week draws to a close. I trust you've all had a good one and haven't burnt the candle at both ends too badly this weekend. If you have, I wish you a full day of greasy food and coffee to ease the pain and the spinning room.
An enormous thank you to everyone in my life who has liked my Facebook page, viewed my blog, and shown support in the starting week. It means the absolute world to me. Thank you also to anyone who I don't know personally who has taken the time to read my posts.
For those who aren't following me on Instagram, here is my week in pictures:

1/ My silly cat being silly
2/ Healthy lunch. Chicken, orange, avocado, spinach, spanish onion and pomegranate salad

3/ Shameless before-work selfie
4/ Red crochet and gold details. Michael Kors watch and skull bangle from eBay
5/ Fruity energy boost before an afternoon cardio session
6/ My beautiful, photogenic baby
7/ Heading out on a solo bike ride
8/ Having a break on my bike ride at one of the man-made lakes in my hood
9/ Another shameless selfie. Don't judge me


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