Wednesday, 13 February 2013



Zara Pyjama-Style Shirt / Topshop Leather Shorts / Marc Jacobs Shoes (similar here , same here) / Michael Kors Watch (similar) / Skull Bangle off eBay / Husk Black Bangle / Vintage Leather Belt
Last night I met my friend Olli at her gorgeous apartment in Melbourne CBD for an event I had invited her to for an organisation called Band4Hope (more on that later). We took the opportunity to shoot some outfit shots on her balcony, which reminds me of something plucked right out of the streets of New York.
It was also an opportunity to get some shots that were actually taken on a good quality camera, rather than my iPhone 4S.
I love this pyjama style shirt that I picked up from Zara a few months ago. There was one left and I thought to myself "If I were a shirt, this would be it", just like I did with my velvet boots. It's perfect for any occasion due to it's versatile nature, and so far I have worn it to work (in an office), an engagement party with black jeans and statement accessories, and on the weekends with jeans and flats. Anything paisley is a winner in my books, as I'm constantly attracted to things which have been brought forward in time from the 60s and 70s.
My leather shorts were purchased on eBay for an absolute steal after a long hunt for the perfect pair. Sadly, they ended up being not so perfect and are a bit baggy on me. Thankfully, my friend Olli (the photographer for these shots. So multi-talented) is an amazing seamstress, so she will be altering them for me to make them the perfect fit.
Happy Thursday everyone! Not long now until the weekend. Hopefully you don't end up looking like this:

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