Sunday, 3 February 2013

Week in Polyvore

I think it's pretty damn safe to say, I am addicted to Polyvore. For those who don't really know what it is, it's kind of a hard thing to explain in writing. Basically, you start with a blank canvas and by using a database of every item of clothing currently sold on the internet that you can think of, you create what are known as 'sets'. It is not limited to simply clothing, but also beauty products, food, books, accessories and even magazine articles so that you can make your own mock-up page from a fashion magazine.
I'm betting money that beauty and fashion editors the world over sighed a big sigh of relief six years ago when they discovered that they no longer needed to painstakingly comb the internet for examples of the months hottest trends, but could simply type in "mohair jumper" and every mohair jumper on the world wide web was at their fingertips.

I actually joined about a year ago and started making some clumsy, messy sets. I eventually got bored and moved on.

I started playing around again last week (as you all would have seen from some of my posts) and I just can't stop. I find that I start with one item I find interesting, and from there I'm inspired and it blossoms into something I wish I could download into my wardrobe.

If you have a spare moment, definitely check out the site and have a look at some of the sets people have made. The brilliance and creativity of some people just blows me away.
You can also shop through Polyvore by typing in an item/designer you're looking for. Polyvore will find all sites selling that item and show you the price so that you can find the cheapest price on the web. It is for this reason I must warn you to lock your credit cards away.

Below are some of my sets I made over the weekend. I feel like this is kind of a show-and-tell on a Monday morning for grown-ups.

Sunday Morning
Brandy Melville knit shirt / Chantelle knickers panty, $48 / Illesteva

By the Fire

Coffee Break



One Teaspoon short shorts, $160 / Marni lingerie bra / RETROSPECS retrospec, $155 / Marc Jacobs fragrance


Express Lunch

Wool shirt, $48 / BBon-J short shorts / Vans black shoes / Nixon watch / Ray-Ban ray ban sunglasses / Calvin Klein fragrance, $36 / SuperStock / LOMOGRAPHY Holga 35mm, $68



Madewell jumper sweater / Sessun patterned pants, $275 / Carvela Kurt Geiger mid heels, $87 / Cutler and Gross


  1. found you via polyvore and love your sets!! haha it IS addictive..

    gz x

    1. Thank you so much! It really is. Once you start, you can't stop!