Sunday, 24 February 2013




Thrifted shirt / Thrifted Westco shorts (originally full-length) / Payless boots / Sportsgirl rings / M.A.C Mattene lipstick in 'Kirsch'
Another wonderful photoshoot shot by my friend Olli on yet another stinking hot night in Melbourne.

This lovely floral shirt was originally a long-sleeved shirt I picked up on a thrifting mission, only to wear it once and then think "I should probably get rid of this" on one of my sudden urges to throw out half my belongings. Instead of doing that, I kept it and cut the sleeves off. I then tucked the top of each shoulder under slightly and added a single stitch to give the shirt a little bit more... something.

The shorts are again, another DIY job for reasons described in my
last post. I first purchased them as long jeans, and thought I'd hit the jackpot in finding a blue AND a black pair of vintage Levis. I got them home only to find that my black pair was in fact Westco (which may explain why they were $8 as opposed to the blue ones being $13). They look identical, however, and $8 is a huge steal so I can't say I have any complaints.

On the night of these photos, Olli and I hadn't quite anticipated the fading light, so some of these photos came out a little blurry. I really don't mind it though for some reason. It adds a little bit of movement and again, a little more... something.

We also loved the random poster in the top three photos. Melbourne CBD is so full of cute little surprises around every corner!

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