Sunday, 17 February 2013




Asos t-shirt / thrifted Levi cut-offs / thrifted shirt / Payless boots / YSL, Sportsgirl and Lovisa rings

On Saturday my friend Olli had a Thrift Shop party, so yet again we took it as an opportunity to take some shots.
We discovered a rather nice-looking laneway outside her apartment which we decided was the perfect location for this throwback 90s/grunge look. We also found that one of the barred windows into a carpark had cute little potplants in it, obviously as someone's attempt to make the place a bit more attractive.

This is a pretty typical day-to-day look for me, as I'm more of a tomboy and will always choose shorts over a skirt or a dress. I cut off these shorts myself after getting sick of trying on too many pairs of shorts that showed my breakfast, with a growing trend of "knicker shorts" appearing.

Luckily, Olli and her camera are magic, so you can't even tell that we were both melting from the extreme summer heat. It was one of those hot evenings where you can't help but long for the freezing cold of winter.

I trust everyone had an enjoyable weekend and that being back to the daily grind isn't too traumatic!


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