Sunday, 10 February 2013

Insta Life

Another week is over. I can't believe we're already halfway through February! The years simply go too fast. Who can I speak to about that?

I had a great response to my outfit post yesterday, which I'm thrilled about, so hopefully I can post more in the future. I'm contemplating buying myself a cheap tripod when I eventually buy a new camera so that I don't need to rely on having someone around to do it.

Below is my Instagram diary of the last week in case you missed it. It was only as I went through them that I realised just how many food pictures I post...

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1/ Sets of cards that have different mini walking tours of London and Paris. I have studied them intensely for our trip.

2/ The countdown continues. How excited do you think we are?

3/ Colour matching my nails to my skirt by accident. (Witchery skirt, YSL ring)

4/ Off for a bike ride wearing some very fashionable socks.

5/ A very tasty breakfast on a beautiful Saturday with my good friend Sarah, who later took my photos for me.

6/ Dumpling dinner in Melbourne CBD. (And the food pattern emerges). We were supposed to be going to an artists market but turned up to find no one there. The only solution in a situation like this is obviously to go and eat dumplings. If you're ever in Melbourne and looking for a super cheap and filling feed, head to Camy's Shanghai Dumplings on Tattersals Lane. They're not famous for their service or ambience, but people queue up night after night to get into this place. There are definitely places with better dumplings in the CBD, but something about getting eight pork dumplings, ten mushroom and vegetable dumplings, eight pumpkin cakes and drinks for $18 is really appealing.

7/ After our dumplings, we decided to wander the city streets in the beautiful summer breeze and managed to witness one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever witnessed. Unfortunately the iPhone camera doesn't quite capture it completely, but we had at least ten people around us stop and all pull out their phones with exactly the same idea.

8/ Whimsical lighting down Collins Street. There are definitely people doing an amazing job with the presentation of the city of Melbourne. So many trees down the CBD streets are lit up with purple, green or yellow lighting, and the churches are no different. This particular church has been lit up in green and I found myself so inspired by the rainbow of colours present.

9/ Made myself and my best friend Katt in cartoon form. This app is life-changing. It's called iMadeFace and you can change all the facial features and colours to anything you can imagine. So much fun!

**Tourism Australia have not paid me for the above praise. However they probably should.

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