Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Bombs Away

Every now and then, a trend comes along which surprises you. It's not something you would ever have thought of wearing personally, but you actually start to really dig it.

This is how I feel about the bomber jacket trend.

Usually, a bomber jacket would bring to mind a mixture of school uniforms, American sports games, and 80s waterproof sprayjackets. They will bring these things to mind no longer! A trend has arisen using the old bomber style but recreating it into something fashionable and versatile.
Suddenly we have floral, oriental and brocade bombers, which *gasp* can actually be worn with a semi-dressy outfit and be perfectly socially acceptable.
Sure, the old varsity style still exists, but I'm diggin' that too. Especially with a little bit of leather in the mix.

As always, I've used trusty old asos and their stellar record of being on trend at all times to help you find the perfect bomber.

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