Monday, 8 April 2013

'The Saint Laurent Music Project' by Hedi Slimane

There has been quite a response to the latest campaign from Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent, with the masses seeming to divide between loving it and hating it. In saying this, the haters' only reasoning seems to be: "Ew. Courtney Love/Marilyn Manson. They're gross" (Also featured are Kim Gordon from legendary 90s band Sonic Youth and some apparent LA-based rockstar called Ariel Pink, who I had never heard of until now).
I personally am loving it. Usually when a campaign is shot with an 'edge', it consists of a group of models with a bit of smudged eyeliner and a messy mop of hair. Slimane has gone the extra mile and used actual rockstars, which really makes a lot of sense after reading that Courtney Love was the inspiration behind the grunge-themed Fall 2013 collection. I may be slightly biased in my argument as I am a huge fan of both Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson.
Both the campaign and the recent controversial name change feel very fresh and new. People are always going to be rubbed up the wrong way when an old faithful label starts to move in a new direction because it seems to be human nature to dislike change. We are creatures of habit after all.
But if a fashion house refuses to ever change, it may very well face a slow and painful death. And if the way to evolve is to continue to blur the ever-blurred line between the fashion world and music world, then Hedi Slimane has my vote.



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