Thursday, 11 April 2013

MBFWA 2013: Alice McCall


You may or may not have noticed that I've been a bit quiet on the topic of MBFWA (Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia, for those not in the loop). I thought I would play it in a similar way to previous fashion weeks and bide my time until something caught my eye.
I've come to the conclusion that I'm sort of fussy when it comes to finding things asthetically pleasing. I have a very strong sense of myself and what my taste is like, and I don't jump on designer bandwagons just because everyone else is. Pardon my language, but there's so much wanky "Oh it's so avant garde. Oh would you just look at that structure, it's simply divine" in the fashion world.

I also find myself apathetic towards most designers' collections, with only a very very small few at either end of the scale. One end of course being "BANG! Nailed it. Get in my wardrobe" and the other end causing a reaction of "I'm temporarily blind". This apathy isn't due to being uninterested in fashion (otherwise what would be the point of this blog) but rather stems from being passionate about it. I react passionately to things I like and things I don't like.

Moral of the rather long story; I take my time scouring the runway photos of fashion weeks before one smacks me over the head and has me drooling on my keyboard enough for me to want to comment on it and share it.
There's still today left of MBFWA, but I'm already calling it in and saying that Alice McCall's S/S 14 collection has topped off the whole week for me (as has one other collection, which I will post about in due course). Which doesn't really surprise me now that I think about it, as her last two collections bowled me over. You may remember I even posted about one here. She's still using her sheer fabrics, but this time including ruffles and waves and volume.
A perfect example of how to mix girly with just the right amount of edge.
My favourite garments out of the whole lot have to be the top and the skirt featured in the fourth photoset above. McCall's amazing use of cut-outs kind of makes me a little bit weak at the knees.
I will wait with bated breath to see if any collection from the final day tops Alice McCall for me, but it will be a very hard act to follow.

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