Monday, 22 April 2013

Insta Life 23.04




1/ Sushi for lunch on a Saturday
2/ Heading out on a Saturday night
3/ Brunch with my bestie wearing Sportsgirl striped top and jeans with Karen Walker sunglasses
4/ The last of my Easter chocolate
5/ Soft kitty, warm kitty...
6/ Jewellery for the day. Michael Kors watch and Husk bangle
7 & 8/ Selfie x 2 for my two new pairs of spectacles
9/ Rainbow carrot and apple juice on a Saturday morning
10/ Bush meets suburbia on a windy Saturday bike ride
11/ New camera! So impressed with it too.
12/ Heading out for a birthday. Wearing Sportsgirl striped tank and black jeans, thrifted navy blazer and Equip necklace.
13/ Some last minute book-scouring to see if I've missed anything in my planning.
14/ How I celebrated my resignation from my job.
15/ My Mum's banana maple pudding with cream. Yum!
16/ Some weirdo that doesn't know how to use chairs.
17/ Sunday night girl time! When in doubt, pout.
18/ Gorgeous cosmetics bag I received for Christmas. Just did a major clean-out of my makeup and was excited that it all fit in this bag to take away! Winner!
19/ Purchased a set of three 10ml Marc Jacobs roll-on fragrances to take away. Perfect way to travel with perfumes without lugging around big bottles.

When I look back over these Instagram posts, I always feel a bit disappointed. I think it's because when they're taken as individual photos they're a reflection of the moment, and then when those moments are added together in one post I think "Damn my life is dull". But it definitely doesn't feel dull and I guess that's all that matters.
I also keep telling myself that it will be so much more interesting to look at in about 37 days when I'm on the other side of the world. My Instagram won't know what hit it. And I don't think I will know what has hit me either!

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