Sunday, 21 April 2013

Euro-spiration Part 6: Amsterdam

It's everyone's favourite day again. Monday!
Now, now, no need for grumbling. I'm here to make it all better with my weekly Euro-spiration post, which I know you all love.

Amsterdam is somewhere I never really thought I would go. The reason for this is (sadly) that I only ever really saw it as somewhere that boisterous, rowdy tourists went to smoke a joint or two because it makes them feel a little bit naughty. What they don't realise is that it also makes them look a little bit idiotic. And I say that very openly. My reason being that I don't understand why you would go to the trouble of visiting a foreign country to do something you can do at home. The only difference is that you can do it in public. Such rebellion!
The only other thing I knew about it was the Red Light District, which interests me even less than the marijuana.

Initially, we were only planning 5-6 weeks for our trip and therefore were not intending to go to Amsterdam. After we decided "eff it" and planned for 8 weeks, we started to look at adding places to make the most of our time. It was around this time that I also got Pinterest and realised that I quite liked the look of it. A few visits to Trip Advisor later and BOOM! Amsterdam was on the agenda.

Now, I'm excited for wandering the beautiful canals for three whole days where our only concrete plan is to visit Anne Frank House and perhaps a little trip to the Rijksmuseum. As always, any tips are much appreciated and can be left in the comments section.

For now, I just need to concentrate on remembering the difference between a Coffeeshop and a cafe...



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