Sunday, 28 April 2013

Euro-spiration Part 7: Berlin

Happy Monday to you all! It's that time again and this week I am featuring Berlin in my weekly post.
If you're just joining me, you can click on the 'Travel' tab at the top of my page to view all my previous posts. The basic story is that each week I've been posting on a different city that I will be visiting over June/July this year. Mainly for my own enjoyment and to get myself pumped up, but also for anyone reading to enjoy.

Like Amsterdam, Berlin wasn't initially on our itinerary for our trip. As explained previously, we were initially only going for about five weeks and added another three on top. After this happened, there began a great debate on where to go. Amsterdam or Berlin? I asked as many people as I could, scoured Trip Advisor endlessly, and tormented myself with trying to make a decision. Seeing as I am literally incapable of making a decision by myself (us Librans are notoriously indecisive. It drives my mother crazy), I eventually chose both.

Also like Amsterdam, Berlin was somewhere I had about 15 places down on my bucket list. Somewhere I wanted to get to eventually, but would probably save for my next Europe trip whenever that may be. It wasn't until the decision was made to visit this time that I really learned how much there is to see in this rather large city.

Between World War II and the Nazi Regime, as well as the Cold War which lasted for over 40 years and ended with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, Berlin has had an extremely tough road. The resilience of its residents has seen the city restore and rebuild itself, and it now sees millions of tourists visiting each year. The monuments and memorials attract history buffs and remind us as humans of what can happen when power falls into the wrong hands, while Berlin's thriving arts and music scene is one of the best in the world.
As always, any tips are greatly appreciated and can be left in the comments section.